Trunk communication system solutions

Radiocommunication systems using Trunking technology, were developed and implemented with the growing number of radio subscribers and their requirements for better quality services in a wide range of operating environments. The use of Trunking technology in radio systems allows you to manage more subscribers than traditional radio communications systems.

For well-known conventional radio communication systems, a common communication channel is allocated to each user group (most commonly to the company). If any of the radio stations are broadcast on this communication channel, other radio stations will not be able to communicate on this channel.

The principle of the Trunking system is the automatic allocation of free radio channels to system subscribers. When making a call, the radio station automatically sends to the central controller its own and the calling subscriber (s) number, and it gives the command to all the subscribers involved in the conversation to switch to the channel allocated for the conversation. It is not possible for other network subscribers to arbitrarily switch to another channel and listen to other users conversations, as it is possible with the conventional radio communication system.

As time goes by, these communication principles have been improved and refined a lot, depending on the demand and the desires of high-quality and modern communications. Modern digital communication solutions do not differ much from their mobile phone communications (individual duplex call, GPS location, data flow, dispatch job, etc.) due to their functionality and capabilities.

Global modernization is also taking place at the global level and analogue communications systems are being gradually replaced by more functional, safer and more resource-efficient digital communications systems, of course, the cost of the service have all come alongside.

In many cases, this kind of system is not economically viable for the purchase and operation of one small company, if the number of subscribers is small and optimal load capacity is not possible. Due to this reason, we offer to become our customer and use our communications system in Riga or one of the other big cities of Latvia, thus obtaining high-quality communications in a wide range of activities, for example, within the borders of Riga.

Depending on customer's wishes, we will hear your questions and suggestions, as well as provide advice on high-quality and best suited radio communication solutions.

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